$12/month introductory pricing
contact [email protected] for one time payment pricing options.
Player Access Signup process:
  1. You must be a subscribed member.
    monthly, seasonal, or yearly.
  2. Under the Settings Tab , select the Players options.
  3. continue through the player access signup. Your card on file will be used.
  4. Go back to the Players option under the Settings tab and add your team.
  5. Email your players their TEMPORARY PASSWORD. On their first login, they will be asked to change thier password
Mobile Compatability
Player Access is compatable with mobile devices.
We are still working on the mobile app, until then, the player app has been adapted from the web to meet mobile standards.
Configure your Team
Configure player access from your Settings page.
configure up to 30 players
contact [email protected] 30+ player requests.
View only access for players
Create Playbooks, Practice Schedules, and Scouting Reports that your players will be able to access
Full Demo of Setup