Referral Program

Earn on LacrosseLabs referrals

You dont even have to be a LacrosseLabs member.

PayPal Account required.

Plan Cost Percentage Commission
Monthly $5 20% $1
Seasonal $25 20% $5
Yearly $50 20% $10
Play Access $12 20% $2.40
Referral Program process:
  1. Sign up with the Rewardful Referral Program
  2. Give Rewardful your PayPal account email
  3. Share your Rewardful referral link with your friends and fellow coaches.
  4. Referral commissions are dispersed at the end of each month (invoice period).
    *Sign into your Rewardful account to see your bonuses.

Optional - copy your Rewardful referral link to your profile

Your social icons will contain your Rewardful referral link.